•   Jai Shri Hanuman

Number 1 & 8 Are Considered Inimical Together

Number 1 & 8 are considered inimical together and cannot be reconciled but at the same time number 1 and number 8 can’t be separated from each other.


Number 1 is day light, brightness, opportunies, luck, kingship, and easy sailing
At the same time

Number 8 is night, darkness, struggle, hardships, obstacles, hard work and challenges
Both are interrelated.


Aspects of number 1 can only be attained following a passage of aspect of number 8. As day awaits itself at the border of night. Number 1 awaits itself at the edge of number 8.


In other terms number 1 represents King and number 8 represents subjects. The king will lose its significance without presence of subjects.

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