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Evaluate Energy Numbers And Alphabets.

Science also accepts that the universe, including us, is made up of energy, not matter. This is not actually new – it was posited by Socrates in Europe way back then, and by the ancient rishis in India thousands of years before that.


However at the end of the seventeenth century Newtonian physics became the corner-stone of science, and it was based on the theory that there is only matter and nothing else – the whole universe is matter or made of matter


It is said that energy is as good as soul. Energy is separate from matter, and that the universe is made of energy – pure energy


Atoms gain and release energy all the time. Alphabets and Numbers are similar to Atom, Alike Atoms, Numbers and Alphabets also have distinct frequency or vibration.


Chaldean Numerology identifies energy in form of numbers within alphabets based on phonetic energy/vibrations created


Quantum physics study confirms that when two atomic waves meet, they either meet in synch, creating a constructive or harmonious effect, or they meet out of synch, creating a destructive effect in which they annul each other.


Numerological Energy or Vibrations in Numbers and Letters behave very similar to Atoms and they either create Constructive Energy or Destructive Effect upon meeting


We are all created of atomic energy waves, and because it is impossible to separate waves, the new science says we are all connected – our waves are always meeting and getting entangled in each other. The result of such invisible meetings of energy we call ‘good vibes’ and ‘bad vibes’, depending on whether the other waves we meet are in sync with us or out of sync


In fact all animals and plants communicate through vibrations, ie by sensing whether the energy is good for them or not. But we are not capable to use our ability to sense energy, even though we have it just as all plants and animals have.


Numerology is one such able tool to sense and evaluate energy in form of Numbers and Alphabets.


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