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Timing of Events Technique – Predictive Numerology

Timing of Events Technique – Predictive Numerology – Stunning Daily Predictions Last time I shared Timing of Events Technique – Test Feedback (Whatsapp Conversation Screenshot) on 30th June 2020 – To the Accuracy of Several Years (Phase – Period) Since the time, This technique is discovered – Trying it almost every hour with desire to fine tune calculations and arrive at better version of it.


I have been trying hourly Predictions on my own since last several weeks.I have also been trying Daily Predictions on my own and also on Friends & Relatives Daily Predictions are Exciting and Stunning – With almost 27 Verticals Few Verticals listed below – Day Indicator of Gains, Success & Rewards – Day Indicator of Losses, Accidents & ill Luck – Day Indicator of Relationships, Romance & Love – Day Indicator of Property Gain, Property Discussions & Discussions on Family Matters – Day Indicator of Disputes with Siblings, Cousins & Family TimeMost beautiful & interesting part is – All Calculations are done Mentally – Without use of any application (Software), Pen, Paper or any other method for calculation or chart plotting – Paper Free Numerology Will be sharing real life feedback in form of chat communication in couple of days.


Predictive Numerology at work 🙂#NumeroMagic

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