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Predictive Numerology Birthdate Rectification

Predictive Numerology : Birthdate Rectification


With help of feedback from an Individual – Numerology Predictions Can bring Hint on #Rectification part in all aspects of Birthdate – Date / Month / Year


In Below example – Lady presented a Birthdate and Name Combination of her Father- Few Traits were Predicted and lifestyle related Predictions were Cross checked while in Telephonic Conversation – She was confused, if her Daddy is born 1963 or 1964 ;


Combinations in Birth Date + Name – Hinted Birth Year to be 1964 with Highlight that her father will have Special gift of healing touch and would love to offer feet Massage to his Father (Her Grandfather)


Later she confirmed both : Birth Year 1964 and Her Father Did Press Legs (Offered Leg Massage) to her Grandfather
Since Most part of Conversation was Telephonic – Can only share Little feedback in Screenshot below
Beauty of Predictive Numerology


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