•   Jai Shri Hanuman

Quest for Future Event Prediction

Quest for Future Event Prediction is Real Essence of Science – All the Sciences we learn, Exist on same ground of Learning & Decoding the Pattern of Events in order to Predict Future Successfully. Numerology as a Science of Numbers is no different from other sciences Numerology is all about decoding Past & Future Pattern of Individuals life with help of Numbers within Birth Date in Combination with Name (Numbers within Name) My recent Discovery of Timing of Events Technique is Progressing well and bringing satisfactory results in Events Prediction It is only with timing (mapping) that Prediction starts making sense Otherwise it all appears vague and scattered Did Prediction for a Lady starting from her early school days in late 80’s to Current Year 2020She took her time to recollect events and Here is feedback for Numerology Enthusiast Friends… Predictions with Timing – Events Listed

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