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Crash Course Predictive Numerology


Crash Course Predictive Numerology

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Crash Course Predictive Numerology

I CHANGED MY NAME & MY NAME TRANSFORMED MY WORLD Name Numerology, with Names and its Impact – Leading examples of Name Change & its Impact on Cities & NationsNumerology in form of Name has a greater role to play in making Success or Failures of People, Things, Brands, Organizations and Nations too Here are Leading examples of Name Change & it’s impact at large CASHMERE to KASHMIRThe British called it CASHMERE CASHMERE – Name Number 28 / 1 C(3) +A(1)+ S(3)+ H(5) +M(4)+ E(5)+ R(2) +E(5) =28).At that time it was the Switzerland of the East, peaceful and beautiful. Now KASHMIR – Name Number 18 KASHMIR – K(2)+A(1)+S(3)+H(5)+M(4)+I(1)+R(2) =18spells terror, terrorism, proxy war, bloodshed and tragedy day after day.CEYLON to SRI LANKAThe British called it CeylonCEYLON -Name Number 24 – C(3)+E(5)+Y(1)+L(3)+O(7)+N(5)=24CEYLON was among one of the largest exporter of TEA .It was a Land of happiness and prosperity, with Increasing Tourism business.SRI LANKA Name Number 18 S(3)+ R(2)+ I(1)+ L(3)+ A(1)+ N(5)+ K(2)+ A(1) =18 it became a land of terrorism, internal war and bloodshed.BOMBAY to MUMBAIBOMBAY – Name Number 17 – B(2)+O(7)+M(4)+B(2)+A(1)+Y(1)=17Though 17 is not a great number as such it indicates success through hard work, is very resilient and is a comeback number. So any problem, communal or financial Bombay always bounced back quickly and everything became normal. MUMBAI – Name Number 18 M(4)+U(6)+M(4)+B(2)+A(1)+I(1)=18 has now engulfed the city with communal riots, bomb blasts and bloodshed have become common and are leaving permanent dirty marks.BURMA to MYANMARBURMA – Name Number 15 B(2)+ U(6)+ R(2)+ M(4)+ A(1)=15 Then BURMA was among one of the Largest Exporter of Rice and the country was doing good economically.MYANMAR Name Number 18 M(4)+ A(1)+ Y(1)+ N(5)+ M(4)+ A(1)+ R(2) =18 Instability, MYANMAR has come under military control with human rights curtailed and an internal war like situation. From Largest exporter of rice MYANMAR has turned to Importing Rice. MADRAS to CHENNAI MADRAS – Name Number 15 M(4) + A(1) + D(4) + R(2) + A(1) + S(3) = 15 / 6 Then MADRAS, City was doing good and was South India’s rapidly developing financial and Industrial hub.CHENNAI – Name Number 25 / 7 C(3) + H(5) + E(5) + N(5) + N(5) + A(1) + I(1) = 25 / 7Growth has become stagnant. POONA to PUNE POONA – Name Number 24/ 6P(8) + O(7) + 0(7) + N(5) + A(1) = 28 / 1POONA was considered Old Age Home and ideal city for retirement.with Name Change from POONA to PUNE in year 2002 PUNE – Name Number 24 P (8) + U(6) + N(5) + E(5) = 24 / 6 POONA changed to PUNE, and from then till date… there has been enormous growth in pune’s economy. Pune now has Top Industries, Best Educational Institutions and is a Planned City with more than 15 Tourists destinations and bread & butter for all its population.BHARAT to INDIA BHARAT Name Number 15 B(2) + H(5) + A(1) + R(2) + A(1) + T(4) = 15 BHARAT was then land of Sujalam Sufalam, Self Sufficient Country and was recognized and Golden BirdLater Name Changed to India during British RuleINDIA Name Number 12 I(1) + N(5) + D(4) + I(1) + A(4) = 12 / 3 Number 12 is symbol of sacrifice and fertility, INDIA has emerged among densely populated country, could have been SUPER POWER, had Name Number been restored as BHARAT. Examples are Many, These are some of Nations and Cities experiencing effect of Name Numerology NAME CHANGE has CHANGED WORLD for Above Countries and Cities at Large, As countries experience good and bad impact of Name Numerology, Humans being the wise species on Earth can benefit from Science of Numerology and enhance good luck and success with Numerology. Come Experience Good Luck – Experience Numbers and its Mystical Powers. Life is a Numbers Game explore more @ www.numeromagic.netNote: Chaldean Numerology Method – Practiced for Name Calculation & Name Interpretation

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