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Ultra Numerology Course For Beginners


Ultra Numerology Course For Beginners


Ultra Numerology Course For Beginners

Predictive Numerology : Timing of Events – Stunning Daily Predictions Timing is Everything – How do we benefit from Predictive Science without defining timeline! Timing of Events is my very Recent discovery in Predictive Numerology – Its been just few Months and this time am sharing feedback of Chat Communication on Daily Predictions (Screenshot) Timing of Events Technique brings a sense of completeness by bounding everything discovered till date into time Frame Naming Few – Practiced in Below Communication1. Day Indicator of Love, Romance and Love Making 2. Day Indicator of disease, death and loss 3. Day Indicator of troubled relationships and associated stress. 4. Day Indicator of Family Union or Discussion on Family matters 5. Day Indicator of Gains, Rewards and Successes With recent discovery of timing of Events – Possibilities are shaping new dimensions and covering almost all aspects of life – which were never before considered possible (atleast I wasn’t Confident in beginning while Practicing Numerology) In last couple of months, While I wasn’t much Active in Group – Practiced timing of Events on Life Events such as – Major Promotion, Business Success, Foreign Travels, New House Purchase, Marriage Age, House Shifting, Legal Issues, Extra Marital Relationships, Affairs (Marriage) within Cousins, Surgeries, Sudden Death, Long Term Illness, Dead End Age, Long Term Health Issues and Struggle Time Posts Success. Timing brings real sense to Predictions – without bounding Events in time frame everything appears vague. Long way to go… Am Putting more time and effort into practicing this learning and mastering it to next level – So as to present demo of Timing of Event Technique in Live Webinar Some day 🙂 Thanks #NumeroMagic

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